About Our Company

We can say proudly since our existence which is more than 20 years, that we have become one of the most dominant companies in the world of pallet production in Hungary and internationally as well.

Our pallet solutions

We keep the demands of the market in mind, so we not only produce standard and traditional pallets, but we have our own pallet groups also.

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Mr. Csaba Pikó Managing Director

We give you a 100% guarantee

Because we are 100% sure about the good quality of our pallet solutions, we’ve been giving you 100% Guarantee for many years. So if you are unsatisfied with our products, we return the purchasing price and even organize the back transport for free.

“Just in time” delivery system

In every case our partners have the opportunity to ask for the so-called “Just in time” delivery system. The gist of the system that we produce the requested amount of pallets by the partner and stores them professionally. Than we’ll deliver them in a previously defined time a given quantity to the given address. Of course, we’ll keep you informed continuously of the Order, and thankfully to that we can track exactly the pallets on stock, and the already delivered quantities.

Our own delivery tracking system

Using up the experience of the previous decades of our Company, we have created our individual delivery tracking system. Basically, if it meets the needs of our clients, we can continuously inform them about the production, delivery and the possible delivery time. It only means 3-5 emails, but according to our experience, it makes the mutual work for our customers more redictable.

You can choose us courageously

You can choose us courageously…

As it always has been our target, that our customers can buy excellent quality products on a good price, with a professional team in the background so the quick and safe handling can became an unnoticeable basic in their every day life.

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Our exceptional partners without completeness

Agrana-Juice Magyarország Kft., Alpine Elektronics Manufacturing of Europe Ltd., Billerbeck Hungary Kft., British American Tobacco Ltd., Bunge Zrt., Claas Hungária Kft., Dunapack Kft., Grósz és Tsa Kft., EGIS Gyógyszergyár NyRt., Mondelez Hungária Kft., Kuka Robotics Kft., LEGO Manufacturing Kft., Linamar Hungary NyRt., Mondi Packaging Békéscsaba Kft., Nestlé Hungaria Kft., O-I Europe Sárl, Pionner Hi-Bred Zrt., Samsung Electro-Mechanics Kft., DS Smith Packaging Romania S.r.L, Borsodi Sörgyár Kft., Aquarius Aqua Kft., ZF Hungária Kft., Rosmarin Kft., Jungheinrich Hungária Kft., LI Pack Kft., Régió-Center Kft., Törökszentmiklósi Mez?gazdasági Zrt., Beiersdorf GmbH, Electrolux Lehel Kft., CHEP Equipment Pooling NV.

Pallet catalogue 2017.

golen_pallet_raklap_katalogus_2016_en_3d_2.png We have created our pallet catalogue to make our customer’s life easier to be able to find the best pallet solution for them.

Wether we are talking about standard EUR, traditional, or other special solutions, you’ll find more information about our products and the connected services.


10 points of view to choose pallets

10 points of view to choose palletIt’s not an easy job to choose a pallet: It depends on the goods to be transported on them, the design of the warehouse, direct environment, and the design of the transport vehicle also.

To be able to make the choice easier, for our customers we have made a collection of the most important criterias.

The collection can be downloaded for free.