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  • “How can I’ truck the deliveries of ordered goods?”

    Using our experiences from the last decades we’ve created our own trucking system. Meaning: if it’s O.k. with our partners, we are keeping them informed constantly, or the possibilities of their arrival. This means only a few (3-5) e-mails, but according to our experience, makes our mutual work more predictable.

  • “What does “JUST IN TIME” delivery system?”

    Our partners have the opportunity all times to have the “Just in time” delivery system. It means a solution for companies mainly, who are our ongoing customers, but at the same time they want to sort out their yearly order in one go. The gist of the system: we produce the amount of pallets the customer required, and store them professionally, and on certain dates we deliver the required amount to the given address. We certainly providing continuous feedback and thankfully to this, it’s easy to keep truck of the pallets being on our site, and the already delivered ones.

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  • “How can I’ ask for a quotation on the web page?”

    We’ve created our individual Quotation request Sytem keeping our customer’s needs in mind. On our website under certain pallets or under “Get a Quote” point (http://www.goldenpallet.eu/request-for-a-quotation.html) you can send us your request.

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  • “For transporting overseas we’ve purchased fumigated packaging material from an accredited company. The fumigation is proofed by documents. Nevertheless the packaging material during the transport became moldy. What could be the problem?”

    Fumigation doesn’t guarantee mold free. The treatment, called FAO ISPM 15 standards is regulated, which controls all biotic infections in the wood. To avoid mold on wooden packaging, it is necessary to have drying procedure. This is a much longer and energy-intensive process than fumigation, or this for a completely different purpose than that. It is worth it when ordering pallets to ask for the opinion of pallet manufacturer.

  • “During our production we use automated packaging lies. In the last phase of packaging often happens that in the stacking room the pallets are falling apart, the top decks comes off, which causes the fall of goods. How can you guarantee not to have these kind and similar problems?”

    For the production of pallets –standard or individual- it is necessary to have the right, certificated and well chosen fasteners. For the usage of these fasteners in production it is crucial to have an automated line. The fasteners used by us are continuously tested for tensile strength.

  • “We store our goods in a closed and well-conditioned place. The pallets, we are using for packaging, are moldy, which is dangerous for our stock. According to suppliers the pallets are dry. Why has mold appeared on them?”

    To get rid of the moisture on the surface is quiet easy to do naturally. The moisture being inside of the wood –causing mold on surface- is a bit more difficult, longer and energy effective procedure. This is necessary to have really dry pallets and to keep their dryness and fungus freeness for a long time. Only checked by manual moisture-meter, low moisture content pallets are suitable for storage in a closed area.

  • “ On the top deck of pallets there are protruding nails, which are damaging the goods stacked on them. Could it happen with the pallets produced by you?”

    Protruding nails-on top deck or even on the legs- occurs usually when using nailing guns. Our existing producing technology-automated nailing line-it is possible to fix the elements- with nails with the same depth, correctly recessed during assembling. Also it is indispensable to keep ourselves to the procedure introduce by ISO 9001, the Quality Management Standard.

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  • “What does the markings mean on the standard exchange pallets?”

    On the left corner leg there is a UIC marking. On the middle leg (IPPC marking) a phytosanitary marking, one line down a production code (000-0-00), where the first 3 character’s are the qualified manufacturer’s code, the last 2 characters shows the month of manufacturing. On the left corner leg, the EUR sign.

  • “What do the markings of proof of fumigation means?”

    On the ISPM 15 marking equipment’s the followings are: IPPC: trademark.

    HU: the official shortening of the country
    XX: Registration Number
    HT: Heat treated, short version of the English expression
    DB: Debarked, short version of the English expression

  • “How can I’ check that my supplier has a valid license?”

    You can get hold of the Hungarian certificated manufacturers at MÁV-REC Kft.-Contact:

    Gálné Czakó Éva
    Telephone: +36 (1) 476 - 3480
    Mobil: + 36 (30) 465 - 42 - 39
    Fax: +36 (1) 476 – 3477
    E-mail: eva.czako@mavrec.hu

  • “Which Companies are entitled to do fumigation?”

    Only the ones with a Registration Number according to FAO ISPM 15 Standards. If the technical expectations are given, then the Plant and Soil Center service (NTKSZ), as an authority gives out and keeps eye on the compliance with Regulation 62/2005.(VII. 8.)

  • “ How can I’ check our standard pallets quality and conformity?”

    If you have doubts with the credibility of the standard pallets, please get some help from MÁV-REC Kft., and get some professional help from them, who can do the testing of compliance of the wooden packaging even on site .

Pallet catalogue 2017.

golen_pallet_raklap_katalogus_2016_en_3d_2.png We have created our pallet catalogue to make our customer’s life easier to be able to find the best pallet solution for them.

Wether we are talking about standard EUR, traditional, or other special solutions, you’ll find more information about our products and the connected services.


10 points of view to choose pallets

10 points of view to choose palletIt’s not an easy job to choose a pallet: It depends on the goods to be transported on them, the design of the warehouse, direct environment, and the design of the transport vehicle also.

To be able to make the choice easier, for our customers we have made a collection of the most important criterias.

The collection can be downloaded for free.