Special wooden boxes

Our wide ranged production technology allows us to produce individual sized and designed boxes. When thought of this product first, the main point was to transport fragile goods safely.

Who do we recommend?

We recommend this special product to our customers, who transport and store extremely fragile goods..

Speciális faládák

Main details of the products:

Size: As the customer requires
Certification: ISPM 15, Producer Certification
Species: pine
Carrying capacity:
As the customer requires
Other details:
Strong structure, Individual size

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FSC® Certification
FAO ISPM 15 Certification
Kiln drying with Certification provided by the manufacturer


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Other comments:

Pallet catalogue 2017.

golen_pallet_raklap_katalogus_2016_en_3d_2.png We have created our pallet catalogue to make our customer’s life easier to be able to find the best pallet solution for them.

Wether we are talking about standard EUR, traditional, or other special solutions, you’ll find more information about our products and the connected services.


10 points of view to choose pallets

10 points of view to choose palletIt’s not an easy job to choose a pallet: It depends on the goods to be transported on them, the design of the warehouse, direct environment, and the design of the transport vehicle also.

To be able to make the choice easier, for our customers we have made a collection of the most important criterias.

The collection can be downloaded for free.